Room or Office Cleanse

Room or Office Cleanse

Room or Office Cleanse
per hour

Do you have a room in your house or office that has a strange feeling in it every time you enter? Is there a feeling that you just don't want to stay in that room? Do you have a problem keeping an office space or room rented? The problem may be stagnant, stuck or unneeded energy in that room. I will be happy to "cleanse" the room to rebalance the energy.

I will provide the following:

  • Smudge the space with sage to clear it
  • Smudge with Palo Santo to open the space for positive, loving energy
  • Verbally bless the space to only allow positive, loving energy to enter
  • Your participation is welcome but not necessary

If you are in an environment that has no windows or where smoke will be an issue, I do provide the smudging in an essential oil spray form. Traditional smoke smudging will work best with a window open to allow the unneeded energy and smoke to drift out.

Call or text me at (808) 779-9089 for further information and to book an appointment. Bookings are one hour minimum.

Please note that travel time may also be included in the hourly fee, depending on distance.

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I will answer your message as soon as I am available. Sometimes, it may take an hour or two. 

I do not work on weekends, so any messages sent after hours or weekends, I will attend to the following morning. Thank you for your understanding!!

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